So Many Wings, a flock of misfits and changemakers, is a podcast that draws on our backgrounds in transformative mental health and social justice organizing to gather our people and share stories and visions as we struggle for collective liberation.

This project is a node in the growing network of creatively maladjusted folks who are rising up and capturing the imaginations of people who are ready for change. We chose the name So Many Wings because there are so many ways to get free, and because we can only get free together, as a flock of misfits and changemakers moving through the world. We hope you’ll join us.

About the hosts

Best friends back when we were young...

Jacks McNamara and Sascha Altman DuBrul are writers, activists, healers, and troublemakers. In 2002, they co-founded The Icarus Project, a participatory adventure in mutual aid and radical mental health. They have been best friends ever since. The project was born out of their own experiences being labeled bipolar and trying to find more creative and politically relevant ways to navigate the space between brilliance and madness. Icarus began as a community website and media project, and has helped inspire an international network of visionary activists, cultural workers, and survivors to make beautiful things and support each other.